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By Carvell Chris

ISBN-10: 1489597751

ISBN-13: 9781489597755

Quantum procedures linking construction and Consciousness.

A specified selection of interrelated essays, expounding in a single position lots of the wonderful discoveries/devices in glossy physics.
A must-read treasure of principles: a keeper.

The publication fulfils a necessity for connecting those mind-opening approaches to recognition and a few paranormal phenomena.
Research feedback are considerable (tagged SFAR).

Subjects include:
aliens, astrophysics, biofeedback, biogravity, brain,
condensates, attention, cosmology, production, DNA, power, occasion Horizons, life, galaxies, genetic reminiscence, God, gravity waves, info, invisibility, LASERS, levitation, brain, miracles, unfavorable mass-energy, neurons,
non-material worlds, paranormal, psychology, psychophysics, quantum biology, quantum coherence, quantum entanglement, quantum superpositions, quantum tunnelling, truth, relativity, soul, house, SQUID, concept, Uncertainty ideas, Vacuum, digital power, waves, Zero-Point processes.
Other attention-grabbing themes and researchers are available within the accomplished Index (useful for collation).

The writer has written the elusive e-book that he desired to read.

Some books hold a lot on gravity (see instructed interpreting in "Strange Entities"), yet say not anything approximately very important biogravity and consciousness-gravity "Combination Scenarios".

Subjects comparable to Quantum Consciousness/Biology,
Non-Material Worlds, etc., are fledgling fields that are without doubt key sooner or later of human minds (possibly our in basic terms saviours). "Pink Pages" clarify the risks in our "Quantum Future".

Through the steered study into how the non-material elements (those elements that can't be measured by way of MRI, EEG, etc.) of our minds engage with different non-physical entities and Zero-Point methods, we will comprehend higher our precise human realization; turn into larger humans in a greater international with sublimity.

Even if machines equivalent to MRI and EEG grew to become virtually infinitely actual at describing the actual attributes of our awareness (capital "C" to differentiate human from uncomplicated consciousness), they can not show our complete "Consciousness Experiences"
(NON-MATERIAL entities). KC* (Key inspiration on a page).

In "Strange Entities", our human attention is modelled as a macroscopic QUANTUM phenomenon: as such it truly is hugely delicate to the "Observer Effect", analogous to the way in which that easily gazing tiny/microscopic quantum platforms (eg. neutrons) dramatically alterations that that's saw.

Recent effects accept as true with this version as the very ACT of switching on an EEG (to become aware of energy-related waves from our mind; an "Act of Observation"), has been confirmed experimentally to change/modify our thoughts/Consciousness vastly: analogously, gazing a neutron (eg. through a photon) affects/alters the entire system.

In this ebook "Observer impression" is used rather than the traditional "Observer Problem"; there is not any "problem": we're easily gazing one quantum process with one other which adjustments either systems.

Recent Quantum Biology findings exhibit that macromolecules like DNA are just explicable/stable as a result of QUANTUM strategies; this means that lifestyles in our Universe is "waiting to happen"; so lifestyles is superbly extra plentiful than we will be able to imagine/estimate: all people could be conscious of this discovery!
This e-book encompasses a "Playlist" of the Uncertainty precept (deserves a e-book to itself): lists function during this ebook (eg. elements had to absolutely clarify awareness, little-known LASER makes use of, recognized forces/mysteries of Nature).
"Combination eventualities" recommend how we may possibly mix varied effects/devices in our Worlds; A "PAC" ("pea-ay-sea" or "Picture-A-Concept") makes an attempt to demonstrate every one visualizable inspiration: reduction from text.
The Uncertainty precept means that "particles" can't exist; all in our Universe is WAVES; this topic is defined essentially and completely: (HUP: "aitch-you-pea").
Handy cross-references all through.
"Mulder, in point of fact out there,

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